Day 8 Abundance Course

Welcome to Day 8 – 20th July

Welcome to Day 8 of your Abundance Course.

We are over half way – can you believe it (of course you can you are now an abundant person 😉 )  It has flown by.

By now you will hopefully be feeling more understanding of the definitions of Abundance and Scarcity Mindsets and how to begin to frame these thoughts.

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Today is a day to bring about energetic breakthroughs (congratulate yourself your are half way through) if you are willing to confront what may be holding you back .
This may bring up feral self doubts, and points of energetic restricting.
Feel into what self doubts you may hold around abundance.
Imagine yourself in your most abundant state.
See yourself living this life and having everything you desire.
Then notice if any areas of your body feel tense when you immerse yourself on this vision.

Notice if nagging self cohorts of self defeating mantras pop ups.
Look for the voice inside you that does not believe this vision can be true.

Become aware of parts of yourself that do not believe in your ability to manifest abundance.
Then return to yesterday’s practise and ask yourself if this feel true to your core.

Begin to feel subconscious thoughts and energy anchor you in a scarcity mindset and see your future self without these energies.

Love & Light

Emma x

Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

EFT Meditation – On your first day watch the whole video and then start at 3:58 sec on all following days

Abundance Course Workbook

Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

  1.  Who would you be if you let go of your scarcity mindset?

  2. What future self if waiting for you, and what are you willing to un-become to find them?