Day 6 Abundance Course

Welcome to Day 6 – 18th July

Welcome to Day 6 of your Abundance Course.
Here we get the real work done today on understanding Scarcity & Lack – if you haven’t watched your Day 5 Video just yet now is a great time to as we head into a new week and new section of your course.


We are all born with an abundant mindset, then we are taught that this mindset is not possible. This teaching creates a wound that we must heal to embrace an abundant mindset.

Today take a trip down memory Lane and childhood memories.
Think back to your first memory of money. While energy can be abundant we most often link memories of money to our ability to create abundance.
Recall your first money memory. What were you doing? What were you told? How did it feel?

After you recall this memory, explore what wounds it has created, did it shift in your perception? Also start to see the origin of some of the money mantras you still hold today. We often tell ourselves many things about abundance. Especially financial abundance.
These mantras come from somewhere. You may have overheard them from your parents / guardians or they may have been taught to you somehow though society. These mantras play on repeat and block your ability to create abundance.

Today take the opportunity to find your wounds, mantras and old stories around scarcity and abundance.
Financial abundance is just one example. Explore all the ways you were taught to subscribe to scarcity over abundance. You may have many mantras that reaffirm scarcity or lack.
You may also tell yourself affirmations each day that block abundance. Sayings like….
“I can’t have it all” or
“I have to work harder than everyone else to be abundant in_____” or
“I only deserve __ if I do __”.
Find these subconscious beliefs and sayings then start to shift them by telling yourself the opposite every time they appears

Love & Light
Emma x
Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook
What are some of your scarcity mantras around money?
What are some of your mantras around other forms of abundance?
What is the origin of these mantras.?