Day 4 Abundance Course

Welcome to Day 4 – 16th July

Inspirations for the Day 

Today is the day to really settle into your emotions and became aware of how you really feel about abundance. When you’re trying to cultivate energy in your life, it needs to feel good to you. It needs to feel aligned with your soul and emotions or else you will subconsciously block it.

You need to feel that it is your potential and birth right with every fibre of your being.

If your not 100% comfortable with feeling of abundance yet that’s ok.
You will be by the end of the course. It’s important though to know where you are starting from before you begin trying to change.

Love & Light
Emma x

Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

Abundance Course Workbook
Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook
  1. When you imagine yourself being abundant in all of the energies you desire how does it feel?
  2. Is there any restriction or even bodily tension when you imagine being abundant?
  3. How does it feel to tell yourself you can have it?
  4. How have you asked yourself to choose between two thing, when really you can have both?