Day 3 Abundance Course

Welcome to the start of your weekend, let’s make it an abundant one with time, love and joy.
Have you blocked out your time over the weekend to complete your EFT and Journalling? If not don’t worry but just check in with yourself and your diary today to programme your Abundance Schedule and Self Care commitment. Your next video from me will be with you on Sunday.

Love & Light
Emma x

Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

Inspirations for the Day 

Abundance comes to where the energy goes, today become aware of the issues you surround yourself with, and the negative mantras that you tell yourself such as “I couldn’t possibly achieve that I’m from a different time or place” or “I’m not lucky enough to live that life”

Now to reframe those negative mantras and energies reframe them with the opposites. Seek to replace negative thoughts with thoughts of excitements – imagine what could be possible – break old patterns today.

Abundance Course Workbook
Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

1. What self doubts come up when you tell yourself you have the power to create abundance in all forms
2. How are you fighting your efforts to create abundance?

3. What excites you the most about creating abundance In your life?