Day 2 Abundance Course

Welcome to Day 2

I hope you enjoyed starting your course yesterday, it was wonderful to hear back from lots of you about beginning your daily EFT practise and being workbook ready. Keep it going!

Did you feel the Super Full Moon energy yesterday, it was a transformational night, if you still have things stored in your physical, emotion or spiritual body that you need to let go of, I would encourage you to release any heaviness, negative relationships or circumstances that no longer serve you from today to really feel that you are coming into higher vibrations.

Below you will find your content for the Day – This is also available on your On Demand Portal also and is ready for you to access whenever fits with you.

Have a wonderful Thursday and Day 2

Love & Light
Emma x

Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

Inspirations for the Day 

Abundance comes in many forms, whilst we may initially think it is referring to financial energy, it can refer to any energy. You can be abundant in love, time, energy, knowledge, motivation, ideas, friendship, laughter, and of course wealth. Also we each have a different threshold for feeling abundant, meaning that some people may feel abundant with £100 in their bank while others won’t feel abundant until they’re flying a private jet and maybe not even then.


The key when working with abundance though, is to understand that when you feel abundant, the universe brings more abundance to you. For instance, if you feel abundant in love or friendships, focusing on these abundant feelings will bring more abundance in all forms including wealth to your door.


Complete your EFT Meditation – Head Back to your Home Page and start the meditation video at 3:58sec
Complete your workbook journal
Abundance Course Workbook
Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

  1. What energy do you already feel abundant in?
  2. What does abundance feel like?
  3. Have you created any arbitrary thresholds for abundance?
  4. What make me feel abundant in love?
  5. How can I show myself more love