Day 10 Abundance Course

Welcome to Day 10 – 22nd July


Feel the ground beneath you today, take a walk bare foot in nature. And feel into your worth.
You are here to learn and embrace lessons, they may not always be what you want, but every experience is an opportunity to learn and evolve.
Apply this to your self worth, look at lessons you’ve been given throughout your life to define your worth.
Become aware of what opportunities are available to you to learn about your worth and raise it.
Some of these lessons may be challenging or uncomfortable but ultimately they are here to help you evolve.
Feel your strong centre and ability to always rely on yourself, then from this grounded place, welcome the lessons you need right now to teach you about your worth.

Love & Light

Emma x

Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group


Abundance Course Workbook
Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

  1. What opportunities are available to you to raise and define your self worth?
  2. How do you approach these opportunities?
  3. Are you ready to embrace them even if they challenge your comfort zone?