Abundance Day 14


Finding Joy.

Today we look at our career and our joy with them.
We often look towards our job and work when we think of abundance, this comes from a natural link between abundance and wealth.
Abundance though can come from so many other parts of your life.

When you are abundant in other areas, it feeds your career and helps you make decisions that will cultivate financial abundance. When we narrow our view to only financial and limit ourselves in creating it by our career we land in a scarcity mindset, the vibration permeates society and teaches us that abundance equals wealth and to be wealth we must be successful, work hard, strive to be the best and compete with those around us.

Abundance is so much more that that though.

You can be abundant in wealth, knowledges, friends, support, health ,ideas, time, laughter, and so much more.
When you cultivate abundances in one area it immediately spills over into others if you are struggling to find joy in your career, position in life or financial abundance, focus on other types of abundance in your life.

Let these areas create and abundance frequency with you and expect the rest to follow.

Love & Light
Emma x
Yours IN Showcasing

Emma – CEO & Founder
Showcase Studios Group

Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

What are some instant gratifications you seek?
What do they give you?
What are some of the your distractions in life?
What do they relieve?
How can adding more things that bring joy limit your distractions and need for instant gratification?
How can joy replace fear?