Abundance Course Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 – 23rd July

Welcome to the weekend << Test First Name >> I am wishing you a awesome weekend. Today we are officially in the heart of the Summer and the Leo Sun Sign allowing our energy to come alive and feel our most empowered selves.

We are only our final day 5 countdown, keep going to the end your path of effort will lead you to happiness.


You are on a transformative journey, give self space to process the changes coming up for you and the emotions arising.

Give yourself breaks when you need them, and quiet time alone if that’s what is calling to you.

Today bring your attention to relationships. If abundance was a person would you say you have a good relationship or does it need some work?
Do you trust abundance, or does it feel like it could let you down at any moment?

Abundance is not a person, but it is an energy you create.
Part of cultivating abundance is expecting it to be there like a good friend.
You may have been taught that abundance was not always available and you could not expect it, it’s time to heal that assumption and instead start to believe that you can rely on abundance. Likewise you can rely on yourself to create it whenever you need it

Love & Light

Emma x

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Emma – CEO & Founder
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Journaling Prompts of the Day for your Workbook

  1. What is your relationship with abundance?
  2. Do you expect it to be there when you need it?
  3. How can you prove to yourself that you can rely on abundance?
  4. How can you trust that you will always be able to create it?