Spring Awakening Yoga Workshop

Sat 11th March - 10am - 12:30pm

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Join Advanced Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Wellbeing Therapist and Singing Yogi Emma Lewis for a new Spring Awakening Workshop from the beautiful Porthmeor Studio, Back Rd West, St Ives, TR26 1NL with the view of the ocean.

The spring equinox is a time for celebrating the place of balance between darkness and light, as the days and nights become equal in length, there is said to be a fight between these forces.

This is a time of great spiritual significance; as we are drawn away from the darkness, by the light as it battles for dominance.

Reflectively, this is often the place we find ourselves in when moving into a more awakened state of consciousness.

Our darkness become illuminated as the light draws forth. At this point it is important to turn towards the light for guidance, whilst accepting the duality and lessons learned as we move slowly away from the unconscious beliefs we have been holding.

In light of this, we will be looking to create balance and to find a true footing within our practice, our life and our relationships.

You will enjoy a morning of vinyasa yang flow and relaxing yin yoga that is designed to bring a balance between the body, the mind and emotion.

While flowing gently through some postures, and delicately holding others with the use of props for an effortless feel, you will watch your body and mind disappear into a well of space and deep inner peace.

The yoga will be followed by a calming meditation and soothing sound therapy to celebrate the clearing away of darker traits to make way for illumination and connection to one’s inner light, once we rise there will be the option to fully immerse yourself into nature by talking a cleansing cold water dip in the ocean just by the studios (bring your change of clothing, swim suit and towel for this)

We will then close the event with some lunch nibbles and a cup of tea or coffee and the opportunity to chat.


Tickets are £29 and are expected to sell out – please book in advance to save your space.