Candlelight Yin Yoga & Meditation with Wild Calm Yoga

Fri 3rd Dec - 7pm - 8:30pm

Lisa Yin Yoga 3rd Dec 1

Join Lisa from the Wild Calm Yoga in this relaxing workshop.7pp

There’s a modern belief that more is better.

Society places a considerable amount of emphasis on planning for the future and rushing into the next challenge; often before the current one is finished.

That’s not the case with Yin Yoga – it’s essential to slow down to a pace that comes naturally to you.

Yin yoga beliefs state the harder you try the less you will achieve; this is because your body will naturally resist the force placed upon it.

Ideally our energies are in balance when we both integrate Yin and Yang energies into our life.

Yin corresponds to a female, more receptive, and yang to a male, more outgoing energy.

In our current age we oftentimes have a surplus of Yang in our environment, which can trouble us at a physical level.

Burnout and anxiety can be worsened due to an excess of intense Yang energies.

Yin Yoga gives us the peace that we so urgently need in this noisy world.

We can use it to get in touch with our inner selves once again, as well as find release in our stuck places.

With its passive stretches that last for 3-5 minutes, we can learn, in a wonderful way about the process of letting go.

If we have learned to let go physically, we can then also let go better emotionally and mentally.

No experience required.


7 – 8.30PM