Information Handbook

Thank you so much for your interest in Showcase Elite Management Agency, we hope you find the below information and answers to some frequently asked questions useful. If you require any more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are Showcase Elite Management Agency

We are 'The Next Step' for children aged from 7 years (with a few younger exceptions!) - 16 years old who have a strong desire to be a part of the performing arts industry as part of their career aspirations and or at higher education. We are a leading boutique talent agency linking quality monthly training in dance and musical theatre along with a unique programme of individual mentoring and industry workshops. We personally work with children at our unique monthly training programme at our performing arts studios 'Showcase Studios' to consistently encourage and educate each child providing them with valuable, practical skills on how to succeed.

Through our agency Showcase Elite Management, clients on our 'books' will have access to professional castings, auditions, and performance opportunities and last but not least fabulous memories!

Our agency was founded by Emma Hitchman who is a passionate teacher, educator, principal of Showcase Dance & Stage and industry professional having a successful career in singing and performing which has taken her all around the world in shows. Emma understands what the industry demands are and how children need care and nurturing to succeed in all aspects of life and in this industry. You will find Emma normally in a 'downward dog' position in her beloved yoga and meditation classes or working hard in her office looking for 'The Next Big Thing'.

Our other agents and qualified teachers are all industry professionals too and create a wonderful family community, all of our team compliment one another each representing our 4 Elements of personalities - giving our clients and children the best of all worlds!

We have a very positive, holistic view on life and all we do, one of our biggest aims is to fill each child with the confidence and the self-belief that they are capable of 'The Next Step', allowing them to take on whatever challenge they face, whether this be in school, work or in the performing arts / TV industry. The performing arts industry can be a very difficult industry to perform in at a 'High Level' as adults which means we also want to prepare the children for life too. We believe strongly that there are No Limits in Capabilities Just ' The Next Step'