Competitions & Festivals

[twocol_one]For those pupils who want to take their dancing more seriously competitions are an ideal way to develop performing skills.

If you enjoy performing and you would like to be a part of a team you will love the excitement of a competition day

Those who dance in competitions tend to improve faster as dancer and develop more confidence in performing skills to compliment their examination technique.

Any pupils wishing to take part in competitions and or festivals must be training at least twice a week.

The competitions that will be available for some pupils to take part in are:

Ballroom & Latin Competitions

IDTA Ballroom and Latin Comps
National Supadance League (Boy + Girl /Girl + Girl Couples)


IDTA Street Dance & Freestyle Comps

IDTA Northwest Comps
Dancer of the Year Comp



Local Community Events
National / Regional Events
Television / Audition Events


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