Street Dance / Commercial –

A very popular style of dance incorporating styles from different commercial artists and cultures, classes available in beginner groups and advanced street dance teams.

Freestyle / Disco –

Freestyle/disco is a popular style of dance in the UK combining runs, spins, kicks and leaps with lots of different arm and hand actions. The music is quite fast, and the routines are danced around the floor, allowing dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style. Classes are available for all abilities levels.

Musical Theatre –

Combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical are communicated through the words, music, and movement, these classes are available for all ages and abilities. This class also forms part of the annual musical productions.

Singing Stars

Developing tone, projection and articulation. Pupils will work on individual and group songs from the current charts and classic songs training in pop, musical and classical styles of singing.

Ballet –

The foundation of dance, building core strength and technique. This style of dance is available from toddlers to adults. We also offer Pointe Ballet classes and all dancers who have passed Grade 3 will be invited to a pointe shoe fitting / introductory class.

Contemporary –

This form of dance has increased in popularity in the last few years with its inclusion into the education curriculum. Contemporary was developed to allow ease of movement and freedom of technique which is normally associated with the strict controls of Ballet.

Tap –

Develops rhythm through the sound of tapping, available to all abilities and ages.

Acro Dance –

An exciting genre of dance incorporating floor  tumbling and limbering from Acrobatics, this dance creates strong, flexible dancers with impressive tricks and skills. To take part in this class we encourage dancers to have an additional dance style such as ballet to feature the benefits of acro dance.

Drama –

Drama is a genre that encompasses the skills of Improvisation, characterisation, scripted work, monologue, duologue and group pieces. A very interesting style helping adults and children with reading skills and confidence. We are also proud to offer casting opportunities for commercials, modelling and extra roles.

Modern / Jazz Dance –

A free expressive style of dancing that developed in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film..

Lyrical –

Lyrical dance has been defined as a dance style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, modern, and hip hop, while still maintaining its autonomy. To take part in this dance style it is recommended that you take part in contemporary and ballet for foundations of technique.

Limbering / Stretch Class –

The class focuses on a series of rational limbering exercises each week to stretch and tone all the major muscle groups of the body. Combining strengthening with stretching will help to tone and shape up the muscles, as well as improving your flexibility and range as a dancer. We recommend all dancers who wish to have a career in performing arts take part in this class from an early stage.

Body Conditioning –

Our body conditioning classes are for the whole school to take part in, we focus on building strong cores in our dancers to ensure injuries are eliminated and strong posture becomes a form of a habit whilst technically dancing, Body conditioning supports body’s tone, improves your physical fitness, improve your cardio­vascular function, provide a lasting sense of wellbeing and calm, and raises your consciousness.